The blunder of dairy products

Unfortunately, many people are still convinced that dairy products are a panacea for football but also for the fat-soluble vitamins and proteins, but what is true in part, it is certainly not true to the point that we are served up .
In essence the claims of the promoters of dairy products , are quite optimistic and , in fact , analyzing the intrinsic characteristics of the same, as it turns out in reality derivatia benefits from its consumption , especially as we are accustomed maximized , causes more hardship than benefits (but let’s be honest : as the other hand is valid for any food consumed in excessive amounts ) .

For example, the same animals that need calcium like us, do not seek it in the milk of other species , but I draw from vegetables , as well we can do .
This is not to say that dairy products are not rich in calcium and can not be a possible source , for goodness sake , they are, but you need to know is the fact that no matter just how much of it, but also its bioavailability ( when actually we absorb ) .
The bioavailability of calcium depends on several factors and rarely exceeds 62 % (except in very rare cases ) and foods in order of greater bioavailability are not in fact dairy products but rather the broccoli ( 61.3 %) , kale (58, 8%) , cabbage ( 52.7% ), while dairy products totaled a meager 32.1 % (average) .
What determines the bioavailability of calcium is in fact linked to many different factors

Out of proportion to the phosphorus.
By the presence of protein rich in sulfur amino acids .
Since vitamin D ( actually a hormone ) .
Exposure to UVB ( when we are in the sun) .
By the acid phytic acid ( found in cereals and legumes ) .
By the acid oxalic acid (present in tea, cocoa , spinach and soy) .
Phosphoric acid ( present in many drinks).

It must be said that in fact the content of calcium in cow’s milk is really high, 4 times more than in the maternal ( 1170mg / L cow and 340mg / L Human), but the all-important calcium / phosphorus ratio * that is one of the major causes of bioavailability , should ideally be 2 to 1 for football ( according to Dr. Frank Oski , head of the department of pediatrics all’Upstate Medical Center, the State University of New York ), while in cow’s milk is stands at a paltry 1.30 / 1 , when the human hand is an excellent 2.4 / 1.
Furthermore, the milk ( but also animal proteins in general) , being rich in sulfur amino acids , requires a certain amount of calcium to neutralize the acidification induced to our organism .
That is a part of football that we absorb is to neutralize the acidity produced by sulfuric acid , which is the dross of its metabolization of proteins: otherwise passing through the delicate mucous membranes of the urinary tract damage ( urinary calcium ) . Therefore, contrary to what we believe , calcium is also intended for this function and not totally to the bones as we would like it to be ( but also to the teeth and all the function which it is intended ) . There are also cases in which calcium introduced is not sufficient to feed this buffer system and the body sacks bones and teeth , drawing what they need ( this case is , however, more frequent when consume red meat in excess , the more that the milk ) .
Basically we can introduce all the football we want but as long as the conditions are adverse to make it bioavailable , we will not have the benefit that certainly we expect .
It seems paradoxical, but think that in civilized countries where there is a greater consumption of dairy products is the widest possible dissemination of osteoporosis , but at the same time you should not even be so dazzled by this statement , since the census in the places where it consumes less (Africa in particular) , are not very reliable and it is therefore difficult to make a reliable comparison .
In conclusion, this article is not a crusade against the milk, but only wants to raise awareness about the expectations that you have about it , and about the real benefits . At the same time , well do not forget that milk production implies that the animal suffering , if we identify with , you probably will not see more dairy products the same way!

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Too much fat in dairy products threaten the lives of people with breast cancer

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Patients with breast cancer should pay attention to the dairy products they consume. A recent study found that consumption of a high fat content in dairy products reduces the chance of survival of patients with breast cancer.

The researchers stated that about 12% of women with breast cancer who consumed more than one serving of dairy products high in fat at the end did not have it done. Better to pay attention to the amount of milk or cheese and select those low-fat explains Candyce H Kroenke researcher at Kaiser Permanente in California, as quoted by the Daily News.

According to the researchers, consuming a serving of milk-dairy products should be safe for patients with breast cancer. It is not the same thing, however, if the products are high fat consumption.

Some 1,900 women with breast cancer in California and Utah were involved in this study. They were asked about the consumption of dairy products such as milk, ice cream, cheese and yogurt.
Over 12 years of research, it has been shown that patients with breast cancer who consumed products with high fat content had a greater probability of death.

The results of these studies were reported in the Journal of the National Cancer Institute.